Saturday, January 10, 2009

The world we live in

I haven't been on for a while and for that excuse me. I have alot on my page. I have be a busy bee.

There is a lot that has been going on in the world that deeply disturbs me. There is a record lack of compassion and humanity. Crimes are being commit ed in record number and the suspects that virtually no conscience.

America has become very turbulent in the recent years. I personally feel that we have grown to be more open to what is actually going on in the rest of the world not just the invisible boundaries put on paper. We have learn to also look at the atrocities with in other nations and visualize our selves in others shoes. I have learn alot of myself in the last couple of days alone.

My brother has been sick and is need of a operation. He has been worrying about not having a place to live or a job to be able to improve is situation. Now he is in the hospital so he can't look for a job and even when he gets out there are virtually no jobs either way that could support him. This could be the reason why his present state has not gotten any better. The fear of the unknown and the future can and have been proven to be too much for some people to handle. He has high blood pressure at 27 and they can't get his heart rate down. The lack of insurance has created a whole nother set of problems. Like a never ending cycle. He in all logic can't win for trying.

People are dying as a type. Not of natural causes but the causes of man have had and greater hand. Man on man or brother on brother, it remains the same.... senseless killings. There is outrage by the world as a whole but the governing authority has yet to stop or take control over any of it. A guy was shoot in the back while handcuffed on the ground in l.a...... the killer(officer) has resigned instead of going thru with an formal investigation. There are some that may never let others be their equal.

A woman kills her baby and hides it so that she could go back in to her partying life style..... What kind of monster... I can't for the life of me understand what some people tell them selves to rationalize their actions and sins. A man rapes his daughter and the mother of the child helps.I can't rationalize it. The world we live in is not the world we grew up in and that is the tragedy.

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  1. Ohh I totally agree! The world has turned upside down. Humanity has turned on itself, and individualisim is rife. My litttle part of the world is not immune to it either. Just yesterday I went into town and their was a guy on the side of the road in obvious distress, I found his motorbike on its side and he was holding his chest, I asked if he was ok. He wasnt he was in shock and needed help I stopped my car and with 3 kids in with me left them where I could see them to offer assistance ( at the same time a number of other people just drove on by). I managed to give him a hand and eventually another guy stopped to give me a hand as well we put him upright checked that he was ok and sent him on his way. I was really annoyed at how many people didnt stop! Ok he was on a Harley and ws tattooed but HELLO he is a human and needed help! It makes me sad that stereotyping others for dress etc makes us less friendly, that where a person lives or the size of their house somehow makes them different to everyone else we should go back to basics and start learning to look after one another. We have a hymn at church called "love on another". Accept people for being different accept their beliefs regardless of how they are to yours if we just love each other then the world woruld be a much nicer place to live in



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