Friday, January 30, 2009

Lonesome is the world

Not many know it but I am a twin. My brother Christoper is 4 hours younger then me and a tad bit bigger. He was found to have a tumor on his kidney and needed an operation. On January 23 he went in to the operating room at 7:05 in the morning and flat lined on the table. He was revived and has not awaken since. My heart broke.Literally. The fact that he had called me at 6 that morning and asked me to see him before he went under weighed heavily on my mind, as I was unable to do so. For the past days I have been lonely and feeling rather dull. I miss him dearly. He is in stable condition and has been fighting to wake. But to see him in his current state is a means in which a person could go mad. He is a heavy and stocky man. For him to be in such a defenseless state is heartbreaking. My brother was deeply religious and loved god. He paid 10% if not then close to it out of every check to tithe. He attended church regularly and is one of the most kind hearted men I know. I am lonely. I MISS HIM. With each ring of the phone I am hoping it is him. He will get better of this, I am sure. But all the same I am lonely. When I go to see him I tell him of my days at work and home. I know he can hear me and all of the others that take the time to visit him. We all sit there waiting on his eyes to open and his mouth to move. Please pray for him and his speedy recovery, because with out him the world is lonesome.


  1. Hi I havent heard from you ina while I hope your brother pulled through ok. Have a great weekend

  2. hey its been a while since you blogged? I hope your enjoying your summer



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