Friday, December 18, 2009

I fell in and out of love

A childhood love from long ago contacted me and we kinda picked up where we left off. He promised that which every man promises but ceases to live up to. He seem so genuien that I couldnt help but to walk full speed ahead ignoring all red flags. Since I started to talk to him again I found myself getting a second wind sort to speak. I started walking , yoga and shooting for everything I had wanted to but was too scared to shoot for. Then reality started to set in. Little by little I was seeing what he didnt want me to. He live with the mother of his child, Broke his word and lacked the ability or the want to openly communicate with me. I didnt know where he lived and had begun to get gut feelings about him.

One thing that people always ignore it their intuition. God gave it to us for a reason. I would have rather had taken the red flags ahead of time in oppose to seeing why their were so many in the first place. Yea I loved him and yea he made me happy but what was the hidden cost? And is it worth it? I know I deserve more then a man that may or may not be in a commited relationship with someone else. Happy Holidays and enjoy your life!


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