Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I know it has been a while since i posted and for that I am so sorry. But I did miss you guys and promise there will be more. Alot of people on here complaining about their jobs but.....at least you have one. Everyone wont survive this years end financially intact. The price of everything is up. It is getting harder to make a decent living and folks are struggling. There are people that panic at rent, mortgages and bills. My neighbor had a stylist do her hair for free upon hearing she got a second interview. Why cant the rest of the world be as concerned about their fellow man. Its extremely sad to see so many with the "me and mine only" mentality. Self preservation at all cost has become the new normalcy. Too many churches have become prosperity oriented and not centered with the bible. How can you ask for a second offering when some of you parishioners didn't eat last night? You DROVE past them on your way to church. The government is basically out of touch. The days of "am i my brothers keeper?" are long gone. What a sad state of affairs this world is in...

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