Saturday, March 19, 2011

It amazes me

The things people do to each other amazes me. In the past year I have had to let a lot of people go. For some reason kindness is now looked upon as a weakness. I have had to let my younger sister go. She has lied endlessly, stolen and tried to poison the mind of my children. My mind does not comprehend how do you hurt people your suppose to love. When your hurt it is up to you to forgive and forget or forgive and let go. I choose to let go. If you don't then the same person that hurt you before is liable to do it again.

One thing she said that was really comical was "It is funny how people strike out with you". Ugh .....yea. Again in my life I have learned that if people don't mean you well you don't continue to allow them in. Family or no. I may feel alone sometimes but I would rather be alone and know that people really love me then have a bunch of people around me that are only there to use me. So in short I am very capable of forgiving....just tend not to forget.

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